I Get Mine. Not Them.

If don’t pay taxes, not going to get check. I want what’s mind of mine. Don’t give it to poor people. Give it to rich people. I work. Not poor people. They’re poor not working hard. And hard like Trump and family they earn. But I earned. And don’t need to work unless poor people don’t make jobs. Those human hosts. Pointless. Don’t do shit. Was my tax payer money. I get mine. They don’t get mine. I’m old. Worked my life. Most my time. Well, maybe not all. Should get mine.

Government Better Not Spend My Government Retirement

I paid in. I paid that SS. I did it. Now I want what’s mind. Don’t give it to those poor people. Let work. Let give their part, so they don’t take mind. Don’t think I like this government welfare. It cuts into my government healthcare. Can’t afford the private insurance. Can’t a afford a job. No where to go. See. Just let to my government retirement.