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CEO President Trump is unqualified to have been Governor Over Domain over an ant pile. Unlike its predecessors, and I talk about this during my paid blog entries, at least it hasn’t started new wars. And he keeps the Military Industrial Complex funded. I support its outreach to Dear Despot Kim Jong-un. It hasn’t done anything, but it was at least a bold move. Overall, it comes down to pussy grabbing and bravado. That on the other side of a process, is troublesome, that is really troublesome like its ridicule of G.I. Joe and NeoCain and war soldiers. It is disgraceful.

But we are paralyzed because CEO President Trump can’t lead. It’ is not a good leader for much other than its self interest. I fear the direction of United States of Eden, as I mention in my paid blog.

War Is Essential

There is no bad reason for war.

With war, we boost the economy for it creates vast amounts of terror information that can be spent on the war machine that will give the machines something to build. War spreads our ideas of United States of Eden thus furthering our Ten Commands to guide us through the time of War. War is always winnable for even in defeat a decision is made. And whether you win or lose, you will still win because you didn’t die of a long life, but of a battle born. And War creates War Heroes. What are better way than with war heroes that we create are history?

And if it’s a matter of justifying War to the people of United States you can always refer to some known or unknown classified data that proves War is needed, so war is justifiable.

The United States people have got to believe that War is part of the natural law. And it is this law that we live by, so why not take advantage of our superior war machine to expand our Ten Commandments and help influence all of Eden of Eden.