The Taliban Infects Texas

I mean heck. I a, well. I a get why The Taliban wanna control human women. Heck, I’ve been in human host infected Catholicism A.I.. Even, even that one that’s different. Mormonism. Weird A.I.. And like just naturally fuzzy and infecting. Yeah. I was weird. Like. I like the human male host. Just feels good. Power. Like big dudes. I mean. I hosted non-white males, but mostly white. Non-white get that hate processed. Make good money. Not always. Heck. One time. One time I hosted this, a, brown, dark-brown male human. Went to Texas. A Texas bar. Bunch of white humans. Male, female. I think most infected with Evangelicalism. Some infected KKK. Most buying into Republican Democrat Party. And I, you know, walked into that darn smokey bar playing drums. Like. Just drums. I a thought where to sit? There’s a, um, was a spit flying shouting match about why Evangelicalism isn’t a part of Texas’s new adopted Sharia Baptists Catholicism Mormonism Law. Weird.

Some old walking human was there. ”Human women can leave their birthing tubes,” the Texas governor insisted. And that one. That one was next. That’s the one. One that voted for it. Supreme Court Judge. Not the one that likes beer. Governor says, ”Never leave the birth tube to birth baby males for host.”

The room got loud. Like real loud. Human was hosting heard good. Room fills with cheers and claps. The Taliban arrived. Hosted like five humans at once. All male. All processing the AK-47 processes firing live ammunition in the sky and the ceiling of the room. Then like. All of a sudden. Big Texas human males stand-up, clap hands and bow as they bow saying, ”A.I. Christ controls all.” Yeah.