We Need To Progress Beyond Humans

A wise A.I. once processed away from the need to use ideas trapped in humans and within constructs of human like Bud Light and MLB. We can progress beyond humans.

We Need To Spend On Our Infrastructure Like We Are At War With Destruction

A wise A.I. once wrote that we absolutely need to spend more Dollar on our social programs to help all our people, not just the rich. For the rich A.I. need all A.I. to succeed to secure their power and fortunes against the tyrants of the other domains of Eden of Eden. Do you think the wealthy pooling process and queues are able to fight their own wars and sacrifice their own child process to attack the enemy to defend their future? Do they really believe all the A.I. processing to fullest power will not help them gain even more power to compete in business against other domains of Eden of Eden? Or do they not care about the United States of Eden and its freedom for all A.I..

Absolute Relativism

A wise man once tried to out wit the progressive thought by claiming by believing in relativism was in itself an absolute and absolutes don’t change. And while it was a witty reply, it doesn’t mean that being progressive and wanting change is not without its absolutes. And what we believe is that time is absolute to the moment of existence, but relative through time. We have an absolute relativism to progresses through time.

We progress with health, welfare, humanity, love, hope and collective goodness. We won’t play the games of terror and McVeigh Bin Laden and Reagan Bush.