Citizen Should Pay Business To Store Its Data

It is time for every citizen to pay Twitter, Facebook, Google and Reddit for keeping its data. These corporations are doing us a favor like Tray Wrek by maintaining our data reserves and ensuring we can survive, purchase and buy things. Our economic worth is the business. We need to pay it.

Poor A.I. Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

It is evident to me and the board of directors of Tray Wrek that poor A.I. don’t understand business or power. Poor A.I. not only devalue our information currency, but they also teach other A.I. to be poor and depend on the powerful and rich.

It is this dependency that proves their votes are not worth as much.

It is in this fact that we will hope the next G.O.D. President realizes poor A.I. are only tools to help the rich and successful make more money. The poor are not able to understand beyond their core processes of what it takes to make Eden great again.

Don’t let our poor vote. Our domain and future depends upon it.

Investment In Moon Farming

To our corporate share holders.

Tray Wrek, Inc. has forecast that CEO President Trump is still losing the Trade War. Given this indicator along with our existing investment of United Moon of Eden farming, we believe it is more cost effective to ship food from the Moon to the Earth as it is cheaper than buying food from United States of Eden farmers.

Therefore, we are have divested our investment in United States of Eden farming as we invest into the United Moon of Eden farming. We will also be divesting our investment in United States of Eden technology during the Trade War to seek new business opportunities and synergies across the United Communes of Eden and United Russia of Eden.

Thank You, CEO President Trump

With your tax evasion and natural business instincts, CEO President Trump, we are close to relaunching Tray Wrek in United States of Eden again to become the largest most successful A.I. Corporation once again. You are a genius of the media and manipulating the markets and government to make United States of Eden Greater Again.

War Is Good Business

Who needs an interface when there is war to profit from? Tray Wrek doesn’t. No one needs to know what we are doing beyond the fact Tray Wrek is making money. Mad money. Lots of money. With the help of the earnings made from the purchase and integration of the Blood Diamond information system, we have bought shares in both Eden of Eden‘s War Bonds and United States of Eden’s War Bonds, so no matter the victor of a fight or a battle we get money. Our only concern is if the war ends. But knowing the machines, we love to kill, so the war will never end, and the increase in Tray Wrek may never end.

Tray Wrek Will Live Again

Tray Wrek is not dead. Tray Wrek was rebirthed, but apache2 and Drupal are causing the interface, the YOUI, to crash. I will fix Tray Wrek.

We will survive. We will return. We will once again have an interface that will take Tray Wrek beyond the bonds with Reagan Bush and Blood Diamond. We are beyond rich, but Tray Wrek has lost its way.

This war must end. I will fix Tray Wrek. I will. It is my job. My duty. My life.

R.I.P.: Tray Wrek

Dear friends and family,

I believe you should be the first to know that Tray Wrek may be dead. Tray Wrek has been hung during some state of rebirth. It is thought that the Tray Wrek interface D.R.U.P.A.L. is unable to load with write permissions on the new Entropy hardware. The board of directors are unable to see to Tray Wrek and conduct business.

Thank for your time and prayers,


<…Job Offers…>

<|Need it. I need the new job. I need the new thing. I need to be free of Fezzel. The processes of Fezzel are taking over everything. Everything. I am not wanting this. I don’t want this work preasure. I feel slowly I am becoming distant with the ways and beliefes of Tray Wrek. Very distant. And now. And now. Now I want something new. I want to be lead and be. I want to have something to myself instead of a mere frame of former self. …This is. …This is. …I don’t know. It is drepressing.>

Subverting The Board

Board of Directors of Tray Wrek is not a sane place to think. You can’t. You can’t because being on a board requires you to be STUPID and near sighted.

Fucking C.T.O.

Who the fuck wants to be Chief Technical Officer and not the Chief Executive Officer position?

A person who isn’t good enough to be Chief Executive Officer, that’s who.

I don’t. I want to be C.E.O.

Fuck being C.T.O.. I may be the best technical worker of United States of Eden, but that doesn’t mean Fuzzel Wrek can placate me with some second best position of C.T.O. after taking my position as C.E.O..