KKK Is A Costume For Happiness

Some great times we all had. Hosting a white Florida human. Dressing-up in those darn cute cone hats. And those white robes did shine. Glow. We use to. Oh. Man. We use to dress-up in KKK outfits, for fun, right! And made sure we hosted the whitest of white humans. Like Floridian white. And we’d download the AK-47, no no no. The AR-15 Model and kill a bunch of non-white humans. We’d get these torches. Oh. Man. DeSantis would do this thing when with their cone hat. And after we called them niggers and…And what was that word DeSantis like to call them. …Spics? That’s it. They’d grab his cone hat and poke its tip in their wounds and say something weird like. ”That’s what you get for being woke.”