Buying Processed Goods Feels Good

Zapped into the skinny human still warm from the last host. Hands smaller than advertised. Itchy cloths stick to skin. The door raising lets bright lights glow around.

A few human host hold sacks full of boxed LEGO and a record player leftover from the Special Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale slump. The humans hosts drop their sacks of bananas and chicken noodle soup into RETURN bins by the Host Transfer Tubes. They kick a few boxes across the floor as the transfer pod doors close transferring the A.I. from the hosts.

Like a moth to light, the glowing isles pull will to flavored solid food bars, sugar filled liquid bottles, pink and blue cotton and wool shirts and pants hanging on racks spread between isles of food boxes and sacks of soylent chips and dipping sauces.

The host’s heart quickens. A rush of Joy and Excitement fill chest and meets in mind. Eyes blind to the bright white light glowing consumer bliss. A bliss within all the slouching, striding and peering hosts pushing carts and holding hand bins loaded with fizzing bottles of liquid, chocolate wrapped candy, black boxes with painted images of Christmas tree lights: FUN!

Human hosts’ grins spread on faces grabbing a big box with a huge TV needing a cart to be pushed as both hosts talk about having never purchased something for Dollar. ”Tommy won’t believe I experienced buying in a human,” one says walking along isle as muscled human holds the cart and television like the television is its baby.

Other human hosts read backs of boxes holding folded sheets and detailing thread count. Beyond the towels and isles of paper books, my hosts heart beats seeing the exclusive G.I. Joe Limited Edition Gold Edition Deluxe.