I Still Own It. Now You Pay For It.

Governor Over Domain DeSantis Of Florida, we are a part of your world. Let it go. It’s a circle of life. How far I’ll go? More than the bare necessities. This is no Hakuna Matata. Welcome to a while new world. Into the Unknown. Florida domain, poor unfortunate souls. Ev’rybody wants to be a cat…And not pay the Dollar.

Come Ride For Free

We invite you to enjoy our human hosts to come enjoy the excitement of a Mac-A-Fee protected host away from your A.I. pool while you enjoy our entertainment of movement, food, sensory inputs and lots of other human hosts interacting like the Face Book Virus doesn’t exist. We will take you on a journey beyond if you come join us for fun.

Puchase Of Oak Parks Complete

I have contracted process with Vig Ga to purchase and own Oaks Park. Oaks Parks was one of the last parks I wanted to own. I need no partners. Now I will be able to run for Congress with the control in fun.