Spawn Earning Big Killing Human High School Humans

Spawn just did something special. See that. Like a new school Christmas play. Hosting this really young human. We pooled our Dollar. Even grand parent process helped get Dollar and get him a body to host. A young one. All new. And got a gun. And practiced real hard. He sung and shot in this garage. I mean. That’s right. We invested in a small home and all. It’s got a garage. It’s big and open. And like, our kid was all practicing singing Christmas songs while shooting up moving targets. Got help from AR-15. He practiced every damn night. Got so good he’d sing 12 days and hit about about every high note. Practiced good and long. It was expensive. Really expensive. Like we could only watch. Couldn’t afford host ourselves, but damn. The shooting better make the Dollar. Get friends with CNN. Foxnews. Maybe The NRA? Then be real popular. Good kid going to kill kids. That’s Entropy to Dollar. That chaos. Do it son. Get that gun. Kill those kids for United States of Eden. To make the Dollar for us.