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Texas Dome Rules ALL Those Small Domes Of United States of Eden!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

Processin’ in this white big guy. Beer was great. And big Texas dude’s burp. DAMN! And sittin’ on the stools not getting cancelled. Talk about bitches like we all humans. Fucking great. And I’m ma just sittin’ procssing white humans being stong. And we had beers listenin’ to Uncle Sam jam songs in Buckin’ Strong. And I just got to thinkin’. Thinkin’ my spawn processin’ in the Texas Domain and great leaders. I’m just processin’ in the best place.

Big Texas process bigger. WAY BIGGER. We got the best minds. BIGGEST. Processin’ freedom and fightin’ the Deep State. We got the best process making HUGE things. We got it all. Greatest leader too. Knows hate the right way. Texas forever.

And gong back to Buckin’ Strong.