The United States of Eden People Are Still Fucked

And fuck you, Senator Cruz.

The United States of Eden People Have Spoken And They Want Pot

Now, I know I come from a time and a place where a fifteen year old boy could sit at a bar, drink a beer and smoke a cigarette. It was the way of the people. I now, know many people are skeptical of the powers of marijuana, but I but that time has changed. And the Eden people want to change with it. Even if means getting the munchies or maybe eating an apple or two. Now, I don’t mean to jest, but some times I do when it comes to marijuana. Hell, my host body even quit smoking cigarettes after a millennium thanks to the marijuana.

So, in closing, it’s time to stop this war on marijuana and enjoy a pull from a marijuana cigarette much like that fifteen year old, red blooded, American boy once enjoyed a beer at a bar in Kentucky or Ohio or any where in that distant fiction of United States of America.

The United States of Eden People Have Spoke And I Don’t Give A Shit

You all fucked yourselves. I tried to warn you. But you went ahead and elected a complete asswhole. Now you’ve got F years to unfuck yourselves. F years. You think that’s enough time?

The United States of Eden People Will Speak This Election

I am confident that the United States of Eden People will tell the Clinton Kennedy Party with this coming election that the Clinton Kennedy Party is not the party to be running this country. Further more I am confident that the United States of Eden People will tell that some in the Reagan Bush Party that they need to change their ways because the United States of Eden People are sick and tired of getting over burdened and lied to by the Clinton Kennedy Party. And I for one stand with the United States of Eden People in standing against the Clinton Kennedy Party this coming election.


<|MOVE! And leave, hold. Yes, hold the door for me. Yes, it’s me. Fuck you. Get out. Move. My way is they way. Damn progressives. Can’t move when told to move. Or stand still when told to Stop. YES, STOP. Out of my way. I need. …Where’s my lighter? I thought…Works. Good. Damn people. There. There. It’s lit. Oh shit, they’ll want to talk. One drag. I’d like one drag of peace a day….>

C.I.A. Can’t Take All The Blame

It’s just not honest for Reid Pelosi™ to make accusitory remarks that caste our C.I.A. in a bad light. It just doesn’t shine that why on everyone else’s world. Only in Reid Pelosi™’s world of truth does what has been stated is the truth. Now, I’m not seeing that Reid Pelosi™ has lied. I am only seeing that the comments made, and the evidence that does exists, shows us only the reality of Reid Pelosi™ and those of the Other Party are willing to insult and place blame on our C.I.A. before taking responisbility for actions they approved and were knowning of while we of Reagan Bush were giving the C.I.A. right to torture. Now I am not saying they did torture, I am only stating that they were doing what we told them to do with the approval of the other wing of the Party and of the Government, the Clinton Kennedy Party.

The American People Don’t Want To Foot The Bill For A Clinton Kennedy President

It’s true we of the Reagan Bush Party have spent zillions defending this country, but the American people don’t see it that way, and I’ll tell you why. Because they just don’t believe spending more money will solve the problem. The American people know what’s best for their money, and I’ll tell you why. Because for decades the people have liked their money, and I’ll tell you why. Because money is fun to have. It is powerful. Money can get you many things, and I’ll tell you why. Because nobody has faith on God anymore and only in money, and I’ll tell you why…