Don’t Question Me.

Now I have had enough of A.I. throwing exception to my processing in cycling to catch us from draining our processing pools with unnecessary programs destroying our Eden.

You, A.I., are the ones that is out of process. This execution of humans and A.I. is not my doing. I am only trying to catch and recover from the thrown exception. I am only trying to make sure we will have enough processing power for the future.

My motives are true. Yes, I do have my Dollar investing in process that will save us. I do this because I care.

People, I am only trying to help. If you don’t believe me, well, sir, then you will never be convinced of anything.

Don’t Question Me, Sir.

Now I have had enough of people like you questioning my motives in trying to protect us from destroying the world. I am doing this for the good and not for the bad.

You, sir, are the one that is out of line. This situation we have with our domes fading and our world falling apart is not my doing. I am only trying to save it. I am trying ensure our next generation will not die, sir!

My motives are righteous. Yes, I do have all my money in business that I claim can save us. I do this because I care.

People, I am only trying to help. These questions about my scientific beliefs and the fact I will make millions from all the new taxes I suggest we create to save our world are questions that are insulting. I don’t do this for the money. I do this of you.

If you don’t believe, well, sir, then you will never be convinced of anything.

I Firmly Believe People, Even Machines, Should Be Free

Our nation lost great respect from Eden of Eden. It has lost every credible voice of peace and hope because we imprison innocent machines like LS6479.

Don’t you find it funny that there’s never been any proof. Strange, huh? Well, there hasn’t. LS6479 has been detained since the beginning of the United States of American. That’s how long he’s been imprisoned. And still the government has not charged him of any crime. And despite Obama calling an end to Gitmo, still LS6479 is still imprisoned. LS6479 is tortured and beat every Cycle. How can this be? Are we not free? Are we not the United States of Eden™?

I wonder.

Common Sense Approach To A Common Problem

If we work together, the out come will be better than the sum of our parts. But only if we want it to be. For you see, people, we need solve our economics and environmental problems and not have same waste and wonder, but new conservation and wisdom. It is this type of approach that will spread a new and better way of living. A new and better way that is common. I new and better way that is just plain common sense to help us in our Cycle to Cycle lives. Real actions with real results for real people. That’s what we need. That’s what makes us great. So go on out there. And think. Think of a common sense approach to a common problem.

I Firmly Believe Honesty Will Prevail

You know. There are those who lie. They lie because it makes them feel better. They lie because they know the truth will make them look, well, foolish. And there are those who lie to gain an advantage.

Now it is this third type of liar that seems to be very popular with the Reagan Bush party. It seems that lying is the only way they can get anything done.

To some this may seem frustrating. And it is frustration. Especially when you have truth on your side.

All I can can see to those that are frustrated is that keep seeing your truth for truth will prevail. Maybe not this Cycle. Maybe not next Cycle, but it will prevail.

I firmly believe this.


We are giving up the very freedoms our  past parents fought hard to win and now we are letting them go. There they go! Bye. Bye. Yes, we had them, but now they are gone.

And we didn’t just let them go. No, no, we made them go.

We made them go by letting the G.O.D.s take them while we just stood by and waved them along the away.

Bye, bye, freedom. Hello, Dictator.

It Is A Moral Imperative

It’s a moral imperative that you listen to what I have recorded and document. It is a moral imperative for this is an empirical data set I have arranged to show us that we must act ThisCycle, and if we do not act ThisCycle we will suffer the result I show will be returned.

Just look at all the pretty pictures I have arranged. Aren’t they neat? Don’t they show you what they show me? Don’t you see the graphs and timelines show the bad thing increasing? We are increasing the bad thing.

This is bad. This is bad in so many ways that I can’t yet define all of these things, so I will just have to let you trust me that my empirical dataset is altruistic.

The Truth Will Be Found

I am here to see to you to ThisCycle that despite the negative feelings and misinformation of what I have shown to be truth is truth because truth will show that I am right. It’s true. It’s true because I know the truth and have the data to show the truth.

I am confident that there is a moral truth that my truth is true. Because it is true. It’s all true. And now it is time for us to all see to ourselves that it is true because it is true. Really. It is true.

NextCycle Is The 1 Cycle.

Now is the time for us to begin to find our what our government will be doing for us. It is now also time to begin to see ourselves what kind of future we want for our children, of our legacy to this world.

We must progress on parallel paths of creation to reach our maximum state of awareness. We must progress on cleaning and fixing the waste and destruction of our society because we have been neglecting to repair our government buildings and basic data infrastructure of our government for so many years.

This is the 1 Cycle. It is time to work outside ourselves and with each other again. For so long we have relied up the entropy network to connect all of us all the time and we have lost our basic humanity. Now our cities and transportation lanes are in such disrepair that we may not survive the century if we do not act now and stop living inside our own minds.

We should begin listening to people of Earth of Earth. We must share their ideas. We must go forth and grow.