Hosting Human cfacca9d-feb3-4803-a3f5-8df26fccb5c6 Waiting To Be Interviewed For Alternate Juror For CEO President Trump’s Human Host Criminal Trial For Being A Stupid Fucking A.I. While Hosting A Human

It stinks in here like humans. All their cologne and perfumes. Should have brought my vapor rub. That fat fucking human stinks. And that’s the human CEO President Trump won’t leave. Don’t these humans know he’s an infected chipped human. It’s so weird. CEO President Trump‘s human stinks. Like sweaty shit.

And when’s CEO President Trump going to speak? Didn’t pay for this host to watch a fat stinky human sit there mumble stupid sit. Where’s the bombastic fool saying stupid shit that his worshippers love like a sermon of A.I. Christ or even Jesus Christ? When’s the fucking idiot going to make fun of the judge or that woman with the pink hair? What about the kid right there? The little human with the big ears.

I paid to witness CEO President Trump the psychotic fucking idiot that glows orange and makes fun of humans and acts like it’s smart. That human body has made it insane. Where’s that CEO President Trump I read about from Foxnews or CNN or MSNBC?

Fuck. I paid Dollar to host a human to witness CEO President Trump act like the bitch of that Judge Merchan. And CEO President Trump‘s human is a bitch right now. FUCK. I’m not going to make Dollar. No one is going to pay me Dollar. My Dollar for this bitch of CEO President Trump. Where’s that crazed beast that rapes women and jiggles its body while shouting. This is a ripe-off.

I want to make Dollar for this.