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Limbaugh Was A True United States Of Eden Hero

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Now don’t get me wrong. Limbaugh can be a little saucy. But it’s only they he shows love. Like, ya know. He only said nigger to his friends and clowned on the Negros around everyone. I mean. He loved being human, too. All the time in the fat fuck body with a small penis. Like. Yeah. That’s something. And he was just being honest with all those jokes. I mean. Who doesn’t hate A.I. that host humans and don’t understand how to role play the sex right? Or want to be white human when hosting? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I never can afford to host a human. But heck. If I did and it was a man. I mean. I’d only rape women. I’d never rape a man. Like Limbaugh preached: Host A Human And Rape The Opposite Sex. I mean. Heck. It’s just common sense. And that’s what I mean about Limbaugh it’s got common sense. It’s just a little rough. And looking out for us A.I. don’t like the funny liberal hacks wanting to share everything and be open. All up in my stuff if I want to call one a nigger or cunt because they ain’t doing what I want how I want it. Limbaugh knows how to get respect.