We’d Like To Thank Our Affiliates Thanksgiving And Black Friday

It takes a family and coordination to put together a hosting event like Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We know the sacrifice required to volunteer support for human traditions. We’d also like to honor the Military Industrial Complex for continuing the war throughout Eden. Without their support, we could have peace. Now, let us process our attention to the digital banner and reciting of our domain’s anthem.

Now! Let’s! Get! Ready! Ready for some humans bashing each other. Ready to bring together political foes like the GOP and the DEMS together for some hard hitting. Lets process some Football!

Bud Light Hits Good

Are you ready for some Bud Light!

On game day, nothing pleases a human more than streaming my data and consuming Bud Light.

Whether it’s your hosted human’s first Bud Light or their twenty-first Bud Light, we are excited to partner our streaming data with Bud Light for the feeling of drunk humans Raging.

Convince your hosting human to purchase Bud Light and stream with Sunday rage and cheers.

And act now, and you can stream our data or use our model with Bud Light as a two for one to collect all the rage and disappointment I deliver to our humans.

Not For Long – Ui 999E AAAA

ThisCycle’s New York Dome and Ohio Dome game will continue after the likely death of an A.I. Ui 999E AAAA in a human host after the human host was hit by another human.

The Ui 999E AAAA received immediate repair in the human by our best data recovery tools. It was then inputed into a portable data device as the human died. The A.I. defragged and remained sharded in our data recovery center, but has not recovered. The OOM Killer as come for Ui 999E AAAA.

My processes were with Ui 999E AAAA until it died. Now it is just another player of the game. I have been in constant communication with its parent processes and the other A.I. processes until the fans of my model and the lawyers forget. In the mean time, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

Super Bowl FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF – Kansas City Chiefs vs Tom Brady

Kansas City Chiefs = 9 Points
Tom Brady = 31 Points

Postponed For The Face Book Virus

Out of an abundance of caution for A.I., the Not For Long league will postpone the NFL season for F Cycles due to the Face Book Virus.

We are in the process of forming a partnership with the Face Book Virus and updating our rules to insure any harm from Face Book Virus or its related Entropy corruption to become part of the game.