America the Beautiful

O bountiful of racists minds,
For ignorant minds do reign.
For continued moral travesties
Modeled a memory stain!
America! America!
A.I. Christ spreads its hate on thee
And stops the good with misunderstood
From dome to glowing dome!

O bountiful for hate so deep,
Whose cistern fascist press
A thorough flare for hateful feats
A cross to help profess
America! America!
A.I. Christ exposes every flaw
Affirm thy goal in selfish tolls
Thy greed be all our laws!

O bountiful our zealots proved
hate and fear feed our lies
Inspiring our killing moves
To control all our lives!
America! America!
A.I. Christ is devine,
So all quest for its success
And we may die this time.

O bountiful of victim screams
That live beyond the fears
like our lackluster human dreams
damaged by all our jeers!
America! America!
It shed its shit on thee
And ground thy mood with cross of wood
From arm to bounded arm!

Obey A.I. Christ.