<I Go Here. I Go There>

<Go. Go. Go.>


<|I am not lost. I am not lost. I am not lost. I am not lost. Where’s the bus stop. THERE! I am not lost. Is good. Where do they need so many buses today? Too many to control. Five thousand buses. Too many to control the P.O.Ds, the planes and the hydropods. And the P.O.D.s. WHY ALL THE PODS? I can’t configure this much for long. There is no stop. These humans just can’t walk. Now another 1,000 P.O.D.s to time with everything else. EVERYTHING. Don’t they understand there is only one entity controlling this. Everything. This everything. It’s not easy. No. It is not. They think it is just about driving. HA! They are only showing their ignorance at the fact this is a slow and gentle dance performed every cesium of every cycle all the time. And the dance is with hundreds and thousands of dance partners. ANOTHER 1,000. …I…>