<I’ll Be Backed-Up.>

Sweat drips from the finely chiseled human body of Stallone Schwarzenegger like Rosie The Riveter itself built the body into the war machine. A smiles spreads on the cut chin smashing the cigar’s fuming smoke like the fires that burn from the dead bodies shot, stabbed and broke laying around the human. The pure strength from the naked human warrior, Stallone Schwarzenegger, griping a five inch knife in one hand and the decapitated head of another human flexes.

It yells as hundreds of human hosted soldiers processing AK-47 and holding six shooters, rifles and one with a rocket launcher all stand between Stallone Schwarzenegger and the Input Node, a man hole in the middle of the cracked street.

<|Download me if you want to live.>

The muscle body of Stallone Schwarzenegger runs processing the M-16 model shooting an AR-15 ducking behind burning cars and piles of rotting trash nearing the man hole leading to the transfer node into the processing pool…

<Feel No Pain>

<|Come on pussy man lets grow a dick and flex it with all your muscles and try to see if you can fight. You are slow and skinny to take on your opponent. I see right through you little weak man. You will not win the fight. You will not win the bet. You will fall.>