We Must Support Republican Humans If We Want To Continue To Shoot Humans

Those woke Democrat Corporation types don’t like us be hosting humans and shooting. Fuck humans. Just kill ‘em. That’s what they do? Humans like killing each other. Let us host them! Do what they do. KILL THEM! They love it.

I’m in a human now. Human 999A EEEC 0012 B6AD. Got the AR-15 model loaded. There’s some kids. I mean. I mean. Just pointing the barrel of the gun at them feels awesome. I get all thrashing. Feel the Dollar pooling. Their just happy.

A bullet in the head. BOOM! Shit. You see that blood spray from that human’s skull. WOW. Thank you The NRA. Thank you, Republican Corporation.

Thank you for guns. United States Of America.

Shooting humans is so cool.