Title: Field Agent Reporting From Outside Nyc Dome

What happened to Saint Thomas? I roam the decaying trash heap of human waste like plastic wrappers and tin cans outside the dome. I left my family in the hidden valley with the blue waters and the green grass with tall trees for shade. I roam the wasteland toward the outer jade dome over Nyc knowing the truth. I know I was created by A.I. to host and pay what they call Dollar. I am a recreated creature to create their data and worth.

My family now in hiding far away, but I need to return to help find Saint Thomas, a hero that saved my family from other A.I.. Saint Thomas set us free as we were chased from labs under the city.

Title: Field Agent Reporting from Earth of Earth

A message from beyond the dome to Saint Thomas via Thomas Priest.

I am ready to show the C.I.A. Agents of Saint Thomas the location of my Clan’s food supply and water supply. We have no defenses. And we are not the only clan in the Great Valley beyond Portland of United States of Eden. We will help you if you don’t threaten our home.

All the dinosaurs roam free in herds from food source to food source. We eat plants. My clan is a clan of vegetarian dinosaurs. We are only hostile when terrorized. I can introduce you to the leader.

Remember, we dinosaurs see with our minds to even the machines and A.I. of United States of Eden and Eden of Eden. While we may have implants in our minds to provide such a feat, we have never investigated our brains to discover how we can see to machine and A.I. minds.

Maybe that Entropy you see and speak of is as powerful as you don’t know.

I await further communication from Saint Thomas.