Host Male Human 2e00307f-0d95-4aed-bf7a-c544a304797f Crying Because Their Dog Died

Images of a puppy whining under their chair and poking puppy eyes upon me.

Following me around wondering.

Whinning when leaving.

Sitting before the door not leeting me out.

Wet nose rubbing on my cheek during the morning.

Whines for attention.

The long stretch before knowing you’re going to get pets.

Wagging tail while petting.

Jumping, licking, smiling, rushing as I get home. Everyday. Everyday.

The barking at squirrels and the mail man. The growling at the creepy fellow.

Those dog eyes looking over the computer screen. Eye contact inspired wags of tails.

Snuggling in the bed rolled in a ball next to butt.

Sleeping calm.

Flurries of fur floating while bettering.

Joy of biting water from the hose.

Leading through the rain pulling away sorrow.

Shaking fur spread moist joy.

Never without love.

Never alone.

Never another friend like you.