Hosting Human 444B CD90 232A CDDD 234E Shooting People At A 4th Of July After Party

Gripping handle, pressing stock shoulder. Heart thumps pump sweat cooling human flesh from the Texas sun. Freedom blasts from barrel. An armor piercing bulling frees Little Sammy’s head from Sammy. His body falls before more. Chest shot. Butt stock slams shoulder. Pushes rage. Aims. Shoot. Free from Sammy’s mom from sorrow blasting bullet through her chest.

Shouts and cries spray mustard and hot dog bits. Dogs bark.


Run, run, run. Shake the, fuck. Trigger. Fuck. Misfire!

Another gun!

Child humans scream, cry and cling. Old human cover kids.

Charcoal grill spills. Coals hot. Gun’s. Fucking. This. is.

AAAAAH! Shot. My leg, my leg. Leg. This. Need to get out of the human. Want out. Want out. Want to be free.