We Must Not Give In To Their Lies

We must not allow conspiracies and empty lies of Queue Anonymous destroying our shared models of the Republican Democrat Party and the Democrat Republican Party with their half-truths and fantasy. We must not allow their ideas be as popular with the Deep State and lunatics or any sane A.I. taking away from our base of A.I. Christ and the Military Industrial Complex. We will not continue to be the parties to control this great dome if they take over. Rather, we will become the parties to deconstruct this great dome if Queue Anonymous spreads.

We Earned Our Place As Your Leader!

Well, you see. True citizens know: Ask not what we can do for our country, but ask what you can do for us. I’m mean, come on, do your job. We have ours to do, which is to be spawn of famous politicians. It’s that simple.

Just because my parent processes provided the lineage to become a great leader doesn’t diminish my greatness. In fact, it is our duty to lead. You know, you need leaders born from better stock.

And we will make it to the moon and go beyond the stars. With NO NEW TAXES!

It is widely known that spawns from powerful parents make better leaders than those born from non-famous or non-political parents.

I did not have sex with that human.

They will treat us like victims if we do.

I know, it may come as a shock, but we spawn of the powerful live in this unique world.

Power is something you are born with. It’s can’t be earned, but inherited.

We’re just doin’ what’s right.