Kill NASCAR Pod Pacers To Double Profit

The crowd roars around building sized-clear tube filled with stock pace pods glimmering he colors green, white, and eight-ball spiraling and dipping and weaving to reach the lead as the swarm of pace pods flow rub and bump. They jostle until two hit, bounce then the sphere pods collide and crash! The crowd cheers. Slowly the group of three leaders spin and loop to the lead, and the crowd of hosted humans rise their arms and fists chanting. ”FASTER. FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!”

”FASTER!” I raise my gun.

The gun feels warm in my hand as I mutter faster…faster…faster and see a group of fans hugging and wearing Eight-Ball Sally shirts, who leads the race as I shoot at heads. One head bursts. Another head slumps.

Bullets fly hitting heads and backs as the crowd scatters. Some human bodies drop without life and others stand and watch the pods focusing on their Dollar earning excitement.