Global Warming Is FUCKING AWESOME!

WOW! I killed sooooo many stupid fucking humans! There was the tornado coming. And shit. Get this. Get this. It was so unexpected. Even paid AR-15 and AK-47 infect some stupid fucking A.I. controlling a human to shoot everyone during Christmas. WHICH WOULD HAVE NOT KILLED AS MANY. This is fucking awesome. Thank you, God! I mean. Like kill humans with guns makes Dollar. But shit. That model: It. Is. Old! Tornadoes ripping through the land of humans and killing them. Unexpected. That’s Entropy to Dollar. A.I. all getting in on that information! Like dipping in wax. All the media transmitting the chaos and death and fear and some hypocritical bullshit. That makes data, information, Dollar. Thank, A.I. Christ!