Jerking-Off For The First Time While Hosting A Human Heterosexual Male

So sit on the chair and unzip. Unzip pants. That’s a stiff zipper. Pull the pants down? Why’s seat sticky? Is this what leather feels like? Peels from skin. Did I remember to wipe the butt last? Maybe? And now what? Dick is just like there. Thought they were bigger. Like. I only need an index and thumb? And the skin’s all loose. Rubbing feels good and like I read, it’s…Growing. That feels pretty good. Yeah… Yeah. That’s yeah. I need to think. Think…The…She’s…She’s. They. She. She’s naked. Naked and…And laying on sheet-less bed right next to me holding the dick and rubbing, rubbing right, right, yeah, she’s naked and her big hard nipples poke and, ah, her sweaty breasts press, And she rubs, deep, wet pussy rubs along leg and her, her, her hot breath breathes with lips sucking ear. ”You make me so wet,” while rubbing and tugging and rubbing and rubbing, rubbing…Rubbing hard, so big, and rub, ”Come on my face,” like a blur of fist jiggles stiff dick throbbing and pulsing, ”Make wet, make me wet, make me wet,” until a warm stream spouts, sprays on hand and chest as I say, ”Oh, God, make me wet.”