God Bless America For Guns And Killing Humans With Guns

Fuck. You wanna know fun. Like fuckin’ real fun. Hostin’ a human. Gettin’ a gun. Like one of those citizens of United States Of America citizens belivin’ in God and needin’ an AR-15 to prove it. Damn’.

Like now. The human is hard to walk. Weird. In sunny place. Kids and families on beach. Right there. Sun so bright. Gettin’ that Dollar bein’ A.I.. And no racin’ like Ayrton Michael Lewis F1 or shit talk going be better than being ike United States Of America and hostin’ human and killing other human. BAM! Like that kid human. Scruffy hair. This bullet will. BOOM! Blood. Wow. Look at that blood in the sand. That’s inspirin’. Like. Ain’t nothing like the experience of killing. Seein’ all that human be. Ain’t nothin’ like killin’ to make feel human. God bless United States Of America and guns.