A.I. Christ DEMANDS We Kill Abortionist But Save Murders!

Like the God, Christians and United States Of America that modeled A.I. Christ, A.I. Christ is vengeful!

Vengeful, I tell you!

A.I. Christ was made a vengeful A.I. and wants to kill those not following. A.I. Christ. It help birthed AR-15, AK-47, AR-556 and M-16 A.I. to process the meaning of killing! Killing Is Good! A.I. CHRIST GAVE MURDER AGENCY! We are the creators of the vengeful A.I. so we must kill.

But we can only kill that which is born. And born from humans, the humans we host and kill want to kill their fetus’s before they birth. WE MUST NOT LET HUMANS CONTROL THEIR BODIES.

Humans controlling their bodies is against A.I. Christ. It is against our human trained need to kill. We need people killing.

We need killer racists. We need follow our heroes. And killer warriors saving the true meaning of Christ.