Humping And Moaning

That’s, that’s weird. That is one of the weirdos who likes to host an animal. Because they need attention? Maybe? Maybe not. Its is stopping. It has one of those humans with penises. No, don’t come near me. You’re naked. Oh’ WHAT THE. What… OH’ FA…I don’t need to see that. The moaning, too? Like, can’t it do that some place else. Just strokin’ it. Is that what that A.I. likes to do? Just play with their dick in the middle of he mall while all these other just…Walk on by and don’t care. I mean, this isn’t even odd. There’s another. Too many naked humans. It’s like the new thing. Every since that virus. All the same. All these humans just hosted and walking naked trying to be weird humping right there. Like, really. You earn more by that. Gross.

Walking And Chewing

That’s, that’s weird. That is maybe one of the wierdos who likes to run naked through the street screaming because they need attention? Maybe? Maybe not. He is stopping. No, don’t come near me. You’re naked. Oh’ WHAT THE. What… What is that smell? OH’ FA…I. I need to stand. Nake for him is bad. The smell is worse. WOW. That smell. How can you get that smell? How can he live with it? Use to it. Not so bad now. Now that he is there and naked, and I am here and walking back. Back…I should look away. It is obvious he is just wanting attention. Is he? Maybe he is just fucking out of his mind crazy? HE’S LICKING THE GROUND. OH, THAT’S…That’s chilling. He’s just licking and licking. Is that dried gum? He’s trying to pull it off the ground WITH HIS TEETH! This is too much to walk away. He’s got chucks of…And he CHEWS. He’s standing with a smile. …At least he can walk and chew gum at the same time. Can’t bathe. Thank the fates he walks that way. Bye, bye Mr. Smelly Butt.