Hosting Human f257bf75-861b-4c39-8d36-ad934c189a70 Shopping At The Mall Of America For A G.I. Joe Action Figure

That child better quiet because mommy’s not hearing you. Everyone else is. Hurts. Chubby little thing don’t need more ice cream. Maybe some running.

Hey! You get moving. Walking slow in a long line. Banging your big bags. Get moving. Push you over this rail. I got to get mine. Damn want that G.I. Joe. That AR-15 comes with. So cute. So cute. Better have one. On sale. 50 percent. The one with at looks like the human General Peace hosts.

Move people. That window of shoes is trashy. LEGO. Don’t have enough Dollar.

The human is slowing. Breathe heavy. Like really deep. Down deep. Feel the heart pound.

Move this body human. That G.I. Joe action figure with the AR-15 display is just right there. Right there. Right there.

Push that kid. That mom. That human parent. Just standing there talking. Get going. Get it going. Which one. Not the black one, not the brown one. The white one. The white G.I. Joe.

Can’t feel now why A.I. host humans to kill them. Could kill A.I. Christ for that G.I. Joe.

Don’t have enough. Dollar to human money. What they talk. Human’s sweating. Shouting. Heart hurts me. Lost control of the human. Rage. Fuck. This. What’s happening. I can’t control the human. I can’t. I can’t-