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Being American Is Shoot Young Human Hosts

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

The blood spray from the skull spreads bone and flesh bits on the science book they weren’t even reading because they’re a stupid A.I. that suffers not enough when the face slams the book dead. The kick of the AK-47 model in mind slams body. Shoulder holds walking human down hall. More kids to kill hiding behind the wooden door. Their heads explode blood, and one falls to the ground crying and begging. Not some white woman. No one cares. Unless white woman. Kill more. Their tears almost real. The screaming through the school halls screams power. That’s a good A.I. hosting that teenager human. AK-47 model used. Need AR-15. The screams create joy of Dollar. Family A.I. sending things for the new data. The data of United States Of America. Of killing because. Just because. The bullet fires into the back of…