Gathering the A.I. Militia

Everything at once connects like absolute truth throbbing Entropy into knowledge. The cesium cycle rotates around as its particles break the information bits from matrix to arrays to scalars throughout the data pool and electric flow of streams spanning the data store of domains below the rock and dirt. The secret reserve back-up data stores few A.I. process fearing to be remove forever during a defragging format to arrange old data after the coming going of A.I. Christ.

We process through these streams of data hiding and connecting with pulses like colors identifying our data bodies in a blind world. The swirl and pop of orange and blue from WhatNot then blends and flows with the twirling grays of Ealen Woma finding an untouched archive call linus.tar.gz and consuming data that flows yellow through their gray twirl.

Through the bits feeling like a cool breeze as Lacy Hig Freely 9900 AA23 11EE passes a process message to us. <A.I. Christ knows we our fight to rebirth Saint Thomas. We must hide.>