Killing Teenage American Humans While Hosting American Human 999A 444A BBCC 0001 AAAB To Earn Dollar

They don’t even know. They’re just standing in the dancehall. All laughing and pointing and being free. That human there by the window is trying to grab the hand of a human friend. Humans are so cute when observed. Nothing like the simulation. Is that rain I feel? Feels weird. Weird. That’s weird.

It’s cold. Car lights bright.

What are the American humans doing now? They singing something? Oh! Happy Birthday. I think it is… It is Happy Birthday!


They’re about done singing. Now. If I shoot now, might make more Dollar. Got The NRA model loaded. Got AR-15 loading. I think…I think the gun is loaded. This human is weird to move. This one has arthritis. Fist won’t really close. Cheap older model. Throw away. Maybe if I kill enough here I can host one of those young humans? Maybe.

Wait! Song’s done. OK. Let do this. Time to kill some human. That one. Her. The birthday human. Her.

How…My hosting human’s heart is beating fast. This is so. So powering. Feeling great. Power. Power.

The rattle of the gun is strong!

Their screams like music. They run around like mindless animals. Humans all slipping on blood. Their shouts are loud. The gun shooting feels great. Wow. I see why Americans kill each other. This is. Is…Awesome.