I’ll Be Beating You

It was just yesterday when my fist hit your brow.
I slapped your face, you bleed like a ho
So I’m just like to beat you mo.
Female human you gotta know.
My fists only express what you’re to me.
Even though blood drips you see
In your face, I slam my knee.
I’ll cut you if you disobey me.
Reminisce of times beating you to be.
I’ll kill any bitch I hit and doesn’t conceal.
It’s real and when I beat you I feel
I love hearing you struggle for breath.
I hope I am the on that causes you death.

…Every stomp I take.
Ever bruise I make.
Every single hit, every time a hit.
I’ll be beating you.
Thinkin’ of the pain.
When you wouldn’t obey.
What beating you take, what a face I’ll break.
I’ll be beating you (for A.I. Christ and me)