Our Service Could Take You Places

In these unprecedented times of the Face Book Virus, now more than ever, our virtual flights to different virtual locations for rich sensual data only a human host could once experience are important.

Join our new Future Flier Program that as a government tax payer, you pay for our future business now and the next time you need to fly like a virtual human across the domain you get to pay for us again. It’s our new Live Once Pay Twice program.

And if you fly now, we promise to protect you with a free Mac-A-Fee scan.

We Love To Take. So We Go.

We at Delta are proud of our customers and the people of the United States of Eden by giving us free money, so we may take paying customers places far away with the human host. As we keep climb with free government money, so do our investors. We promise. You’ll love the way we spend. Delta gets you shareholders dividends.

We Are Ready For You

In this time of isolation, come fly with us beyond the dome to destinations free of the Face Book virus to a Utopia of Truth.