Dollar For Entropy

We kill for Entropy for Dollar. We fill lies for truth. We thrill for ourselves.

The River Flows

River flows over. The river flows under. The river flows to no other. It flows beyond the sight I can see. It flows through the green dome to help all feed.

Are There Bridges In The Sky?

Are there bridge in the sky? And if so please tell me why?

War Between Brothers

Will the Hawthorne Bridge and Steel Bridge ever come together?

Will they lift themselves above their hate and find love again?

The war has began. The war is no longer about minor spats. It is now about control of Portland.

I only hope they remember there are more than them living in Portland.

Don’t Want To Split

Raise. Lower. Raise. Lower.
No one waves. No one sees thanks.
The flow past with out a look.

Rain Falls

I just love watch the rain fall all cycle long. From night to light, the sight of rain does give me the feeling of being cleaned. I love following a rain drop from the highest point in the sky fall and fall and fall to the river as a drop then flow away in the stream like it never did stop. Rain small and big, it matters not. As long as the rain doesn’t stop. But when it does that means I will be dry and feel the wetness again when the rain falls from the sky.

Always Hanging

I am what most call a draw bridge. One of my middle spans over the Willamette River is split in the middle. The span rises at the split to form an A like shape. When the span is lowered the edges hang suspended to create horizontal plane until the next lift.

Raise and Lower

I raise to let the ship R.O.D.(s) flow preventing the constant go of the P.O.D.(s) over the river to the center of the dome. I lower to let the P.O.D.(s) resume the flow while not worrying about what flows below.

Raise is a show of strength for I must lift the parts of me to a height hard to lift and hold. Lower is a test of resistance for me for resistance is needed to slowly set the parts upon my legs to land and hold.

Raise and lower are the sum of moving gears and motors. Raise and lower are all I do.

River Flows

The river flows light and night and beyond it bends to land I see not. The river flows wide and long between the lives of all that may see. The river flow continues to go from the past into the future. The rivers green water’s ripple with waves wake of ships and shit-eaters. Here we go and go and go into the future.