It Is Against The Law To Joke About The FBI

Once the jury has spoken, and jusice has prevailed in the case against the NSA, CIA, ICE and US Marshals Service insulting the FBI, which is against the law.

The FBI agents did excellent work finding who has made jokes about them.

The FBI‘s work reinforces the strength and greatness of United States of Eden maks us strong.

Lets work together to prosecute all those that make jokes about the FBI. It is the duty of this great domain.

Agent Cadre

Threat focus cells. And basic training. Along with the DDS. We can cut across all legal barriers with specialist in our cadre of agents that focus on the forensics. We need better tools, some of which are laws, to go beyond the limits of Constitution to amend it with an allowance for us to go beyond the 4th amendment. We will win the war on terror but only if we do more and go further than the terrorist. Now, it will be difficult, but if you do what we say, then we will be safer, but we will never be safe from terrorism.

Homeland Security Begins With Home Town Security

We all need a distributed sense of information that is collected from every person of every town of every dome. We  need fusions centers to gather and analysis the town data. Every town’s data needs to be gathered and filtered through the terrorist data.

We will get Terrorist Data.

We will begin the nation wide suspicious reporting initiative. We train citizen to look out for terrorists. We standardize the data of terrorist. Then when you see something and say something. We record you and what you say then we act upon something seen. We’re not just talking about government intelligence. We are talking about bring the local intelligence to the government.

We are the new terrorism identification system. No more color coding system. This new system gives people information to act. From the people and by the people.

Your Civil Rights Are Only Yours If The President Wants You To Have Civil Rights

It’s just plain simple. There is no hidden truth. As an United States Citizen it is our right as the Government to read your mind. Now, I understand that it may seem inconvenient to have your thoughts read and actions recorded.It  is our new law.

And you need to submit to mind reading through you’re jade Synthetic Diamond in to the mind. It is okay. We will not use this information against you unless we need to. Trust us. We do this for your own good. WE do this for you.

There Can Be Too Much Freedom

If we are to bring these terrorists to justice we must further restrict our freedoms while restricting the freedoms of the terrorists. It is the only way to fight terrorism because too much freedom is scary. And it is scary things that cause terror. For example, the freedom of spiders to crawl across your body was once a freedom enjoyed by spiders and those few who like spiders or the chaos of terror. Once we captured all the spiders and limited their movement terror reports of scary spiders decreased, but no longer do the spiders have freedom nor do spider lovers nor chaos likers have the freedom to enjoy spiders. And because we trapped and control the movements of all spiders there are an increase of flies and pesky bugs that are annoying, but do not cause terror.

The Justice Department Is The President’s Police

United States Justice Department is the president’s police force. Those of you who do not understand this or do not agree with this will need to be reeducated or incarcerated for you are a threat to the liberty and justice of United States Government.

We have the right to execute our interpretation of the law. It is in the Constitution. It is a right of the President. And by doing so we are fulfilling our obligation to the Constitution and the President of the United States to keep this country free and safe from the President’s enemies.

It is not a task we take lightly. Rather it is a heavy burden to bare. Fortunately, we have immunity from prosecution or retribution for any actions that may be considered crimes for others of the United States.

If The Constitution Doesn’t Explicitly Define That It Is Torture Then It Is Not Torture

Show me any where in the Constitution of the United States that defines explicit acts as torture. I am aware there are definitions of to what torture is, but that definition is open to definition for there is no altruistic standard to define thresholds of pain from positions of the body as torture. It is just not possible. That is why the constitution doesn’t define specific acts because these acts may be used in a soft rather than a hard way. And what is a hard and a soft way is defined by the President.

If You Fuck With Me You Fuck You

Don’t cross me. Don’t try to cross me. Don’t try to think about crossing me.

I am out to get you. Yes, you. You know who you are. The one who is right now thinking, <Does it mean me?>