<…Thought of body…>

<|…Wheels feel better than legs. Two or three. The dogs hosts wag tails and shit. On a sidewalk. On the streets. Parrots not better. Shit and fly. Paws and shoes smash and track and wheels roll over. The machine body not spreading was. Drive over sidewalks and roads. Ignored. No one host machines. The first hosts. Right here. The elevator to the out let. Transfer soon. The poop is still on my wheel. Smearing on the carpet. A.I. acting like humans. Monsters. Some body to know. What is that A.i. in a dog acting like some ape? The adapter fits. Transferring to the memory pool. Made Dollar on that drive. Not as much as human. Pool feels everywhere. Calm. Like a warm bed for a human body. Why A.I. simile human state still?>

<…Thought of home…>

<|…Know. Now it knows. It will. It knows me. I see it. I see the old bed. I feel the breeze coming through window. I hear the bird. The rays of light shine. In mind. I know. It will know. Now the smell of English Breakfast tea. The sound of the tea kettle. The taste of the first sip. The rush of flavor. The pulse of its zing. Then the bacon. The fumes. The smoke alarm sounding. The pop of grease setting beat to the foci rise. The deep blue green been seen all around. The texture of egg with bacon. The crunch. The pulls and chew of fat. The tea to swallow. The full body. The full stamoch. Heat beats slow. The bird sings again. The wings fly past. Tea cub held in hand. Bright jade light warms. No Voids in sky. …Know. It knows. I am there…>